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The world has become digital and so we are. In this era do we really can imagine our life without gadgets and majorly without our Phones? It's a nightmare.

But our phone has made our life very easy from education to entertainment, travel to transport, and from shopping to services. These all are possible because of the mobile applications which are internet connected to deliver each service in our one tap at our most comfortable place. And for the clients, it's very much important to get an application deployed that is phenomenal in speed, access, and interaction.

There are two platforms for which mobile applications are widely deployed i.e. Android platform which is Google originated and the iOS application which is Apple originated. As both the platforms are different so their development technologies are also distinct.

Earlier, due to less evolution of technologies, the apps were created separately for both platforms. But this digital generation with thousands of upcoming technologies has remodeled the world of mobile application development and now one can reckon technologies commonly for both platforms. Today, with the choice of various technologies we can create various types of Applications.

Sub -Services

Spectrum of Services

Progressive Applications

A website that behaves similar to a mobile Application is known as PWA. They are not hosted on google play store or the Apple store.

Native Applications

Whether it is Android or iOS, using the technologies for a particular platform is called native applications.

Hybrid Applications

One coding one Solution. Coding executed to run on both platforms is known as a Hybrid application. They are faster to be deployed and cost-effective as well.

Encapsulated Applications

An App that runs within a container App is known as an encapsulated App. They are basically less effective, budget-friendly, and available with ready-made tools.

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