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The best practices for Angular.JS development are expertly implemented by our team of engineers. You maintain total control over your technical resources throughout the development process when you use our services to hire AngularJS programmers. To assist you in advancing digital innovation and change, we offer the greatest degree of transparency, adaptability, and scalability.

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Employ AngularJS experts with a track record of creating highly scalable apps to meet the demands of your expanding company s needs in line with changing market conditions.

Why Ecode Dash ?

Angular JS Technology Partner

Angular Concepts Expertise

We were Angular s first users. When Angular was still in the beta stage, our Angular developers began using it. For our end users, we have incorporated updates and the most recent version of Angular with each release to guarantee they receive the most value. For international clients, we have been actively developing unique solutions based on the MEAN stack.

Productivity & Scalability

With features including loose coupling, service abstraction, service reusability, service autonomy, service statelessness, service searchability, service compatibility, and more, Angular facilitates Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). It s a fantastic tool for creating performance focused applications.

Upgrading and maintaining

To continue expanding and excelling as your organization expands, our Angular Developers assist you in updating your web applications to the most recent versions.

Complete Angular Services

Our efforts go beyond only growth. Your project will start out with a professional Project Manager who will also serve as the SCRUM master and UX/ UI designer. Implementing Design Driven Engineering (DDE) is our main priority.

Productive Angular Team

A senior Angular development team that we have on staff has expertise working on business projects using a variety of technology stacks, including products with numerous online dashboards, iOS and Android mobile applications, and more.

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AngularJS Development

A whole range of services, including consulting, implementation, upgrade, conversion, and maintenance, are provided by skilled AngularJS developers.

AngularJS Consultation

Employ AngularJS experts that have experience building scalable apps that are reliable, maintainable, and able to accommodate new additions.

AngularJS Design

Expertise to help businesses who want to get the most of their framework, from design to architectural skills.

Development of Internet Rich Applications

Offers AngularJS development services to clients so they may create sophisticated online apps that address certain business requirements.

Development of Personalized Widgets

For improved efficiency and functionality, our team specializes in creating built in reusable widgets with unique Angular components.

AngularJS Maintenance & Support

Hire a qualified AngularJS expert to create feature rich, scalable commercial applications.


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Why ought my web application to utilise Angular.JS?
AngularJS is a fantastic framework for creating dynamic web apps of the highest calibre with interactive components
What is the cost of hiring an Angular Developer?
The cost to hire AngularJS developers, Angular programmers depends on a number of aspects, including customisation, advanced features, plugin development, app complexity, technical team skills, and more. Send us your specifications, and we ll provide a quotation for your job.
Why work with Ecode Dash's specialised Angular.JS developers?
To expedite the development process and shorten the time to market, you have a dedicated developer that works solely and directly on your project. Leading Angular.JS development firm Ecode Dash offers experience in all phases of the development cycle. We have successfully finished challenging projects for customers all across the world. Hiring developers from H Ecode Dash gives you access to the greatest talent pool in the business.
Will my developer speak English to me?
Our programmers are fluent in English. If necessary, we provide a Lead / BA level to improve communication and avert any potential hiccups.
Can I lead my team by myself?
You may oversee your developer(s), assign tasks, assess completed work, have meetings, and receive daily reporting on tasks finished and goals attained.
How can I get a hold of my developer?
Along with emails and phone calls, messaging apps may be used to get in touch with the developer.
How will I be updated about the project?
We will deliver updates and project reports on a daily or weekly basis depending on mutually negotiated parameters.