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  • Requirement Identification

    It is a brainstorming stage of the requirement which involves market research. A deep R&D is required by the marketing and the development team, where every pin-point of the software and the customer need has to be taken care of.

  • Requirement Analysis

    The scope of the work is finalized keeping each technical and user needs in focus and also, executing as per the specification planned for the goal achievement. This stage involves highly experienced developers, users, testers, project managers, and quality assurance.

  • Design

    The designer plays a vital role in creating a blueprint of the software and how it will be executed in real-life usage. This also provides knowledge of the applicable technologies, risk levels, time frames, limitations, and resource necessities.

  • Development & Implementation

    The final implementation starts with the decided design parameters. The front-end, backend, and database are designed separately. They are altogether assembled for pilot testing.

  • Testing

    The testing part checks the code for bugs and verifies its performance before delivery to users. Both automation and manual testing are performed for the best result to be out till its last glitch fixing.

  • Development and Maintenance

    Once the code package is defect-free, the IT package maintenance team is allocated to manage issues encounter. Maintenance will be a hot fix if it's a minor issue however severe package failures need an associate update.

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