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Updated: Apr 23

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning have changed the whole face of mobile app development and are forecast to require it to a replacement level in 2020. The combination of AI with mobile apps not only saves loads of cash for businesses but also improves user engagement.

In today’s dynamic world, merely having a mobile presence is not enough. The popular apps that shined in 2019 won't possess an equivalent potential to figure successfully in 2020. Just implementing the right mobile app development strategy won’t assure success, you would like to include the most recent mobile app development trends in your plan of action.

Various techies laid an impact on the mobile app development industry in 2020, let us take a deep dive into a number of the most important trends.

In an era when the globe is heading towards digitization, mobile apps are gaining incredible traction altogether spheres of life and are getting an integral part of the digital ecosystem. A large amount of investment within the mobile app development industry by so many tech giants observed within the past few years. Small scale businesses also are realizing the importance of mobile apps and are incorporating them into business processes.

The mobile app development industry has a significant role in the arrival of advanced technologies — the web of Things, Chatbots, AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, etc. All these technologies need to continue taking mobile app development by storm in 2020.

Let us discuss what 2020 seems like for mobile app development

1) Blockchain - Blockchain has disrupted and reformed mobile app development and may be implemented in mobile apps for enhancing security, tracking, and quality control. Plenty of payment apps is already using this technology for secure and faster transactions. Blockchain will stay in 2020 and ahead.

2) AI and Chatbots - Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning have changed the whole face of mobile app development and are assumed to require it to a replacement level in 2020. The mixing of AI with mobile apps not only saves plenty of cash for businesses but also improves user engagement. AI-powered chatbots have changed the way businesses interact with customers via mobile phones. Mobile application companies with services like food delivery, cab services, and online shopping are integrating chatbots to reply to customer queries quickly.

3) Cloud-based Mobile Apps - Cloud technology helps organizations store a large amount of knowledge. Most the applications with big databases use the Amazon Web Service (AWS) as their cloud computing backup. This trend will boom within the upcoming years. This technology enhances the storage capabilities of the applications and increases productivity and collaboration.

4) M-Commerce - With more and more people converging towards mobile purchasing, the longer term of m-commerce looks promising. Apple Pay and Google Wallet have encouraged customers to buy via smartphones rather than their debit or credit cards. Retail & E-Commerce businesses nowadays wish for apps that permit their customers to shop and make transactions without cash or physical cards.

5) Cross-Platform Mobile App Development - Cross-platform mobile app development means the event of applications that will run on multiple mobile platforms. It reduces the time-to-market and growth cost of the organizations and drives their business within the realm of tough competition.

6) Low Code Development - Low code developments get rid of the requirement for large amounts of manual coding, thus reducing the complexity. It also allows you to scale your applications as your business grows. Out Systems, Google App Builder, Zoho Creator, etc. are a number of the low-code app development tools which will bring much popularity in 2020.

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A million mobile apps are already present within the Google Play, Windows Store, Apple App Store, and Amazon App Store. With these trends, the mobile app industry will expand at a rapid pace.

Thus, to face calls in the highly competitive mobile app development space, business leaders need to remain abreast of the newest trends and technologies. The emerging mobile app platform development technologies and rising backend platforms combined with the new hardware capabilities will still steer mobile application evolution.

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